• BBFM to introduce Inter Resort Bodybuilding Championships in 2012
    The Executive Committee of BBFM at their 12th Meeting has decide to introduce Inter Resort Body Building Championships in 2012. According to the General Secretary of BBFM, the purpose of the introduction of this new tournament is to tap the vast number of athletes that are working in the resorts and provide them an opportunity to excel in local and international arena. He also stated that all resorts are equipped with a state of the art gym and that even now a large number of athletes are practising the sport. Given the geographical nature of the country it is difficult for those who work in these resorts to compete in national tournaments. The inter resort championships will provide and opportunity for the sport to come to these various locations for the athletes to compete. According to BBFM the format of the competition and timings will be decide after a consultative process with interested resorts. Currently few sports are conducting inter resort tournaments.

    inter resort

  • 45th Asian Bodybuilding an Physiques Sports Championships
    The 45th edition of Asian Bodybuilding an Physiques Sports Championships will be held in Thailand from 2-8 October 2011. The championships which originally scheduled for August in Korea, did not materialise. Amidst fears that the championship will be cancelled, Thailand came forward to host the event. To further enhance the championships, Thailand has also added two master categories for the event.

    45th Asian

  • Maldives to Host 9th South Asian Mens Bodybuilding Champioships in 2012
    The SABBF Executive Committee has approved the application of Maldives to host the 9th South Asian Mens Bodybuilding Championships in Maldives. The motion was passed in the Electoral Congress that was held on 2nd June 2011 in Thimpu, Bhutan. The decision to award the hosting to Maldives was unanimous. Speaking at the Congress the President on BBFm thanked the committee for putting faith in BBFM to host the event and promised that it will be a success. The final dates of the championships will be announced later in the year.

    9th South Asian

  • National Team Leaves for Bhutan
    The Maldivian National Bodybuilding team that participated in the 8th South Asian Mens Bodybuilding Championships has left Bhutan on their way back home. The team will be arriving in Maldives on 8th June 2010. According to Team Manager, all members are doing well and is now ready to get started for the Maldives Beach Games in September. Although Maldives won only a Bronze in the Championships, the Coach feels that the team did achieve a good result based on the amount of effort given by the athletes.


  • Bhutan Newspapers give full coverage
    The 8th South Asian Mens Bodybuilding Championships that concluded in Bhutan 0n 4th June 2011 was very widely covered by all newspapers in Bhutan. The daily newspapers Bhutan Times and Bhutan Today gave full coverage everyday of the championships. This comprehensive coverage is a great boost for the sport of bodybuilding in Bhutan and also across South Asia.


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